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WARWICK Teamworks

All enrollment, and billing questions run through Teamworks.

HUB handles all coaching and curriculum based questions at Warwick.

//Classes run Thursdays//

Programs Available:

PArkour classes

Ages 6-16

8 Week Program - $165

Jump into Parkour by attending our INTRO program at Acton Teamworks.

After that you’ll enter into Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced classes to learn from the best!

Intro Classes are mandatory, and run 4 weeks.

General Classes run 8/9 week sessions.


Day Camps

Summer Vacation

Join Parkour Camp @ Teamworks and break free from the routine! Campers will learn the basics of parkour and take their skills to the next level!

Parkour Camp is a half-day option, but students can choose to enroll the second half of the day in Teamworks General Camp.


Private Events

Your choice!

Want to run a teambuilding event, birthday party or special OCR training day? Lets plan some jumps here!


170 Jefferson Blvd 
Warwick, RI // 401.463.5565