Getting started with HUB Parkour @

First steps into Parkour? Maybe its the first time you or your child is getting into athletics? Don’t fear, HUB is here!

All our new students attend our on-ramp + Introductory Program prior to core classes

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Introductory is a 4 week program that coaches students on the basics of 4 corner stone skill-areas of Parkour, our safety protocols and class structures.

This is to ensure all our students in general classes have a similar foundation of skills, and they know how to enter class - with a good attitude, a coach-able spirit and an expectation of respect.

After a student passes all 4 intro classes, the coach will determine which level class they are most appropriately fit for - factoring in age, skill and attitude.

Depending on the location students will either be in a monthly recurring class structure, or 8/9 week structure - but the goal is the same: develop athletes in a fun, and creative way!


We split our levels of all classes into 3 levels to ensure students are being challenged effectively and safely.

Each level is a magnitude of difficulty from the last - in the scope of scale, complexity and familiarity of the student.

When appropriate, the coach will recommend a level upgrade!

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Our first level and here you focus on the basics of movement! Everyone has to start somewhere. Students here develop vaulting, jumping and climbing skills.

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Our middle level, and the classes where we have an understanding of the basics. Here we combine skills, add on layers to learned skills and challenge the mind with commitment!

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Our final level, and where you see more acrobatics and flips being involved. Student who reach this level have dedicated the time and energy into practice and are now doing showstopping skills!